News Update

The New Tomahawk is out! Check your emails and read it! If its not there then see Christi Lipka to be added to the email list.

Klondike Derby is coming up soon and its just 3 weeks away! Sign up soon for some great scouting activities in the snow! Learn tons of scout skills like lashings and building fires in cold weather!

New this year was the Mini Olympics. This Year Gopher took the Gold for most of the events but every patrol won at least one.

There is  a Court of Honor Coming up on January 31st so be sure to wear you’re class A’s and your sash.


Updated Scoutmaster Challenge Scores

Here are the latest SMC Scores.  It’s still very close for all the patrols.

The bottom groupings reflect leaders in certain categories.  Ties are reflected by two or more patrols showing the same category.

Come out to the Veteran’s Day Parade and earn more points for your patrol!

Remember, the winning patrol will earn the coveted Water Buffalo Trophy!