Boy Scouts do not solicit for money.

Today I heard from a local resident, that a scout representing Troop 37 came to their door soliciting for money.  We’re not sure if this “scout” was really from Troop 37, but the official position of the Boy Scouts of America is,

“At no time are units permitted to solicit contributions for the unit or their programs.”

The Boy Scouts of America has provided long-standing guidelines on permissible fundraising activities for its units. These guidelines are intended to clearly define to the Scouting community and the community at large the role in fundraising of the National Organization, Local Councils and Units. These guidelines are based on the Charter and Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America and in compliance with IRS regulations related to nonprofit organizations. They are reviewed on a regular basis by committees of the National Executive Board as the fundraising environment is constantly changing.

Thank you,

David Larkin – Scoutmaster

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