Date: WED. June 10, 2015
Location: Christ the King Church Hall
Time: 7pm
Materials: Current 2015 eagle project workbook and 2015 eagle scout application
Attendees: Current life scouts, expected life scouts within a few months, parents and registered adults willing to function as eagle coaches
Uniform: yes for scouts and leaders
**This will be strictly for current life scouts or a scout that will advance to life within the next few months
**it is also for their parents and any registered adult willing to participate as an eagle coach.  
**The scouts will need to bring the most current and updated 2015 eagle scout project workbook and eagle scout application, this will not be provided for them.  
This will be an opportunity for the scouts and their families to directly learn about the entire eagle scout process; from what qualifies as an acceptable eagle scout project, how to write out your idea within the project workbook, to troubleshooting, organizing and running your project, to completing the eagle scout application and all the other expectations and anxieties created by this process.  Any registered adult will be encouraged to attend this seminar if they desire to be an eagle coach.  This seminar will be conducted by the Quinsigamond District’s Advancement Chairman, Rich Martin.

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