PLC Meeting 10/3/16

October 5th

Opening: Gopher
Instructional: Importance of exercise, physical fitness (Ryan, Spencer)
Patrol Time: Create fake exercise routines
Game: Fitness relay
Announcements: Popcorn quota: at last $100 of popcorn sold by each scout by October 31st

October 12th

Opening: Falcon
Instructional: Bring in bike to show proper bike handling, care, safety, etc. (Reid, Joseph)
There will also be bike inspections at this meeting
Patrol Time: Meal planning for the bike trip
Game: Human ladder game
Announcements: Fundraising event at Regatta point to help Crew unload gear

October 19th

Opening: Spartan
Instructional: Nutrition and maintaining a proper diet (Robby, Jackson)
Patrol Time: Classify foods in their food groups
Game: Wax Museum

October 26th

Opening: Stealth
Instructional: Cub scouts come to the meeting. Talk about the turkey dinner.
Patrol Time: Meal planning 2 breakfast 1 lunch
Game: Human Knots
November 2nd
Opening: Falcon
Instructional: First Aid: treatment for hypothermia, heart attacks signs
Patrol Time: Make a list of what to pack in a first aid kit
Game: Mystery Affliction

November 9th

Opening: Gopher
Instructional: Totin Chip review
Patrol Time: Axe and saw quiz
Game: Axes, Saws, and Knives

Scribe- Tim Vo