Merit Badge Info

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Merit Badge Worksheets

Scout Procedures for getting a Merit Badge

  1. Decide on a Badge
  2. Go to an Advancement Chair. Ask for a blue card.
  3. On the blue card, fill in your name, counselors name (or where class will be), and name of Merit Badge.
  4. The Scoutmaster will let you know what counselors are available for your badge.
  5. You must get the Scoutmaster’s or Advancement Chair’s signature on your blue card before starting the badge.
  6. Take your blue card with you whenever you are in class or talking to your counselor. (Some counselors may hold on to the blue card until you have finished the badge)
  7. When you have finished the badge, the counselor will sign the blue card off as complete and return the badge to you. The counselor retains 1/3 of the card for his/her record.
  8. Take the remaining 2/3 of the completed card to the Scoutmaster for final signature.
  9. Give the signed completed card to the Advancement Chairmen where they will acknowledge receipt of card by initializing it and will record in scouts records.

How to fill out your Blue Card Instruction Guide

The Troop will periodically offer Merit Badges during regular Troop meetings or campouts. Other merit badge opportunities come up through outside sources….

Merit Badge University – @WPI
This is a great opportunity to get those Eagle required merit badges, as well as some fun ones like Space Exploration. An annual event hosted by Alpha Phi Omega. Start looking for this around the middle of January and sign up, it fills up fast!

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