Cannon Mtn Bike Trip

This bike trip was a sight to see. Unlike other bike trips we just rode our bikes down a huge trail. This trip was different from all the rest. We stayed in a campsite about 20 minutes from Cannon Mtn. We took a tram up to the top of Cannon Mtn which is about 4000 feet in elevation. We saw great sights from a observation platform. Next we biked a 5 mile trail all the way to flume gorge.

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Bike Trip at Cape Cod


The ten scouts that went on the Cape Cod Bike trip had a awesome time. We stopped at the Cape Cod National Sea Shore. While we were there we saw whales, and seals breaching the surface. While at the lodge, we had our first Scout Master Challenge in which we had to tie a piece of spaghetti into a square knot. After many attempts trying tie the piece of spaghetti, we managed to complete it.