Boy Scouts do not solicit for money.

Today I heard from a local resident, that a scout representing Troop 37 came to their door soliciting for money.  We’re not sure if this “scout” was really from Troop 37, but the official position of the Boy Scouts of America is,

“At no time are units permitted to solicit contributions for the unit or their programs.”

The Boy Scouts of America has provided long-standing guidelines on permissible fundraising activities for its units. These guidelines are intended to clearly define to the Scouting community and the community at large the role in fundraising of the National Organization, Local Councils and Units. These guidelines are based on the Charter and Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America and in compliance with IRS regulations related to nonprofit organizations. They are reviewed on a regular basis by committees of the National Executive Board as the fundraising environment is constantly changing.

Thank you,

David Larkin – Scoutmaster

Bike Trip at Cape Cod


The ten scouts that went on the Cape Cod Bike trip had a awesome time. We stopped at the Cape Cod National Sea Shore. While we were there we saw whales, and seals breaching the surface. While at the lodge, we had our first Scout Master Challenge in which we had to tie a piece of spaghetti into a square knot. After many attempts trying tie the piece of spaghetti, we managed to complete it.

PLC Meeting 10/3/16

October 5th

Opening: Gopher
Instructional: Importance of exercise, physical fitness (Ryan, Spencer)
Patrol Time: Create fake exercise routines
Game: Fitness relay
Announcements: Popcorn quota: at last $100 of popcorn sold by each scout by October 31st

October 12th

Opening: Falcon
Instructional: Bring in bike to show proper bike handling, care, safety, etc. (Reid, Joseph)
There will also be bike inspections at this meeting
Patrol Time: Meal planning for the bike trip
Game: Human ladder game
Announcements: Fundraising event at Regatta point to help Crew unload gear

October 19th

Opening: Spartan
Instructional: Nutrition and maintaining a proper diet (Robby, Jackson)
Patrol Time: Classify foods in their food groups
Game: Wax Museum

October 26th

Opening: Stealth
Instructional: Cub scouts come to the meeting. Talk about the turkey dinner.
Patrol Time: Meal planning 2 breakfast 1 lunch
Game: Human Knots
November 2nd
Opening: Falcon
Instructional: First Aid: treatment for hypothermia, heart attacks signs
Patrol Time: Make a list of what to pack in a first aid kit
Game: Mystery Affliction

November 9th

Opening: Gopher
Instructional: Totin Chip review
Patrol Time: Axe and saw quiz
Game: Axes, Saws, and Knives

Scribe- Tim Vo

Bottle and Can Drive – Oct 31

The Troop will hold a Bottle & Can drive on Oct 31st, 9a-12.
Tatnuck Post – Mill Street
Responsible patrol TBD tomorrow night and Patrol Leader will be reaching out to Patrol members and their parents.

Scout Parents – we need your support for this important portion of our program to work. Please consider attending, the work is easy for parents, bring your coffee and watch the boys work!

Please spread the word to friends and family

We are also offering pick-up service for extra large amounts – three large bags minimum

Questions? –


Date: WED. June 10, 2015
Location: Christ the King Church Hall
Time: 7pm
Materials: Current 2015 eagle project workbook and 2015 eagle scout application
Attendees: Current life scouts, expected life scouts within a few months, parents and registered adults willing to function as eagle coaches
Uniform: yes for scouts and leaders
**This will be strictly for current life scouts or a scout that will advance to life within the next few months
**it is also for their parents and any registered adult willing to participate as an eagle coach.  
**The scouts will need to bring the most current and updated 2015 eagle scout project workbook and eagle scout application, this will not be provided for them.  
This will be an opportunity for the scouts and their families to directly learn about the entire eagle scout process; from what qualifies as an acceptable eagle scout project, how to write out your idea within the project workbook, to troubleshooting, organizing and running your project, to completing the eagle scout application and all the other expectations and anxieties created by this process.  Any registered adult will be encouraged to attend this seminar if they desire to be an eagle coach.  This seminar will be conducted by the Quinsigamond District’s Advancement Chairman, Rich Martin.


Sat. June 20th. 9AM-12PM at the Tatnuck Post on Mill St. .
This is the LAST can drive till Sept. Lets make it the most SUCCESSFUL yet!!
ALL Scouts are asked to come by at some point to help sort and count donated redeemable bottles and cans.
Wear Class B, Bring Water and a snack.
If any PARENTS can show up at the END we need trucks or vans to transport the cans to the redemption center.
There was a disappointing turn out of Scouts at the last can drive, lets pull together this time and work as a TROOP to get the job done!
To help this can drive be great please PROMOTE it on your social media sites, collect cans from your neighbors and extended family and even from parents work place. Every can counts!
See you all on June 20!!