Attached is the Permission Slip for the Canoe trip. Print it out, fill it out and have $35 payment made on Wed 5/21.

*Due to the High Avventure nature of this trip you must be First Class or above to attend. You must have passed the recent required swim test at the greendale YMCA.

*There is a limited number of spots available, 19 Scouts and 7 Adults.

*The Troop will be canoeing on the White River and camping both nights at Silver Lake State Park in Barnard VT. There is canoeing and swimming on the lake if the boys still have energy after paddling.

*Gear list is a follows: standard camping list, plus: sunscreen, two baseball hats, two pair of sneakers/shoes/teva sandals, three sets of shirts, socks, underwear, and pants (just in case), a spare pair of glasses if needed, a croakie or other glasses retainer, rain jacket and maybe pants. Oh here’s one: a 1-2 foot square piece of foam or carpeting for kneeling in the canoe. This is for getting lower in the boats during rough water. Yes – and a pair of <cheap> sunglasses if desired.

*Eat a good dinner before departure on Friday night. Bring money for food on the ride home. The adult leaders are providing and cooking all other meals.

Questions can be addressed at the Troop meeting Wed 5/21 or email the troop directly.


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