White Mountains Adventure

Remember if you plan to attend you must be at least 1st class and bring your pack to the meeting Wednesday for review.

Tonight the low temperature in the area we are camping is around 14F. Next weekend looks warmer but it’s still going to be pretty cold. Below is a suggested gear list. Ideally you should have as much synthetic material as possible and leave all cotton clothing at home. Cotton retains moisture from your sweat which gets cold at night and causes hypothermia. Synthetic materials wick moisture away from your body and allow evaporation, keeping you dry and warm all day and all night.

Sleeping Gear
0F or better sleeping bag
fleece blanket to line sleeping bag
sleeping pad that inflates for insulation
heavy winter hat
slippers are nice if you get cold feet
face mask


Base layer
-Synthetic fabric underwear
-Synthetic fabric bottoms
-Synthetic fabric top
-Synthetic fabric socks

Mid layer
-Fleece pants
(lined jeans or cargo pants are acceptible, but you will need to bring extra for when they get wet)
-Wool or fleece shirt (t-shirt is ok but bring extra, they will get wet)

Top layer
-Heavy winter jacket
-Heavy winter gloves
-Winter boots
-Winter hat
-Face mask

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