White Water Rafting…MAY 2ND..DAY TRIP ONLY
DRIVERS ARE NEEDED.  We need at least SIX DRIVERS for this trip. 
If you have not been a driver nor attended an event with the Troop yet this year please step up and volunteer. The Troop CANNOT run with out VOLUNTEERS. I guarantee you will have FUN!!
We have a tentative reservation for a total of 25 people: 20 youth and 5 adults
**DEADLINE 4/29…ALL Participants must complete the attached permission slip and rafting waiver and have payment passed in by the next troop meeting…no exceptions.
 **Participants must be 14 years or older to participate in this activity. 
Date: May 2, 2015; this is a day trip only
Departure from Christ the King: 7am
Return to Christ the King: between 730-830pm
Cost: $60.00 per person (adult or scout)
Drivers: We are going to need drivers
Equipment/ Clothing: NO COTTON! All participants must bring warmer, dryer clothing to change into after the trip.
Food: Breakfast is your own responsibility, lunch is provided during the trip (as part of your rafting fee), dinner will be provided by the Troop
Trip Details: The Zoar Gap is a 1 day rafting trip is a class II & III rapids in a timed water release rapids on the Deerfield River in Western, MA.
The Zoar Outdoor company will provide each participant with a certified PFD (personal flotation device), helmet, paddle and a wetsuit with neoprene booties.  
The Zoar Outdoor company insists that you dress in layers and that no cotton based clothing is to be worn.  They suggest synthetics, wool and fleece type clothing.  
No dry bags can be brought into the raft so all valuables are to be left in the vehicles or left at home.  The trip will return to the original starting location so all the clothing and equipment can be left there and you will also have the ability to use the changing house and a shower (for .25 cents per use) before heading back home.


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