Equipment Checklists

With good preparation camping in any weather is fun!

Packing for campouts always begins by looking at the weather forecast including the night time and morning temperatures. Choose clothing that can be layered and see clothing as a ‘clothing system’ where multiple items can be layered and mixed. Have base, middle and outer layers. Regardless of forecast, always bring rain jacket, extra socks, warm hat, gloves and dry sleeping clothes.

Give yourself plenty of time to pack.  Start packing a few days before the trip.  The more time you have, the likely you’ll remember something you forgot.

Don’t over pack.  Over packing is just as bad as under packing, especially on a hike.  Make sure what you bring is absolutely what you’ll need.  Dual purpose items if possible, and ask yourself, “Can I carry this over a long distance?”

The packing lists are a guide, not mandatory item lists.  If the list has a pillow, and you don’t want or need a pillow, don’t bring it.

On our lists, you’ll notice we have cell phones in the “Don’t Bring” category.  Our troop policy does allow the use of cell phone for promoting Troop 37 and nothing more.  Posting campout pictures to friends and family showing how much fun your having is always encouraged.  But remember, the chance of loosing your cell phone increases on a campout.  If you can’t risk loosing it, don’t bring it.

A scout should think about the weather and pack his bag accordingly. Parents, your job is to audit his packing decisions by asking questions and providing suggestions when needed. A scout should gather everything he thinks he needs for camp, and only then should a parent begin to provide guidance. Please, never pack your scout’s bag for him as this only delays his personal growth.

Remember, if you have a question, please ask your Patrol Leader , or Scoutmaster.

Summer Camp Packing List

Winter Camping Packing List

Backpacking Checklist