New Parent Checklist

Welcome Mom and Dad to Troop 37!

Your son may have just joined Troop 37 but we like to think of you as joining the troop too! We know from past experience the parent who becomes involved in scouting is the parent who sees their son advance — and nothing is more exciting than watching your son roll forward as he learns to work with other scouts. So, before you can jump in and join the fun yourself, we need you to:

  1. With your son, complete all the registration requirements from his Welcome packet.
    1. Don’t forget to sign the forms.
    2. Make sure all the information is accurate and complete.
  2. One of his requirements is for you to read:
    1. How to Protect Your Child From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide – It is also in the front of your son’s Scout Handbook. Please make time to do this right away. The Section 2 should be read with and discussed with your scout. Then initial that you have done it on page 17 of your son’s book.
  3. The more you know, the more you can help your son. We recommend that you take a look at some or all of the courses below to help you understand the program. Most training sessions can be completed in less than ten minutes. You will need to create an account, but will not need a BSA ID unless you plan to register as an adult leader.
    1. BSA E-Learning
    2. Youth Protection Training
    3. This is Scouting
    4. Safe Swim Defense
    5. Safety Afloat
    6. Climb On Safely
    7. Trek Safely
    8. Weather Hazards
    9. Staffing the District Committee
  4. Stay current with our troop info.
    1. Like us on Facebook.
    2. Subscribe to the Troop 37 google groups.
    3. Click on the Calendar tab.

And please don’t forget to fill out the Resource Survey. Get Involved!

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