Bottle and Can Drive – Oct 31

The Troop will hold a Bottle & Can drive on Oct 31st, 9a-12.
Tatnuck Post – Mill Street
Responsible patrol TBD tomorrow night and Patrol Leader will be reaching out to Patrol members and their parents.

Scout Parents – we need your support for this important portion of our program to work. Please consider attending, the work is easy for parents, bring your coffee and watch the boys work!

Please spread the word to friends and family

We are also offering pick-up service for extra large amounts – three large bags minimum

Questions? –


Date: WED. June 10, 2015
Location: Christ the King Church Hall
Time: 7pm
Materials: Current 2015 eagle project workbook and 2015 eagle scout application
Attendees: Current life scouts, expected life scouts within a few months, parents and registered adults willing to function as eagle coaches
Uniform: yes for scouts and leaders
**This will be strictly for current life scouts or a scout that will advance to life within the next few months
**it is also for their parents and any registered adult willing to participate as an eagle coach.  
**The scouts will need to bring the most current and updated 2015 eagle scout project workbook and eagle scout application, this will not be provided for them.  
This will be an opportunity for the scouts and their families to directly learn about the entire eagle scout process; from what qualifies as an acceptable eagle scout project, how to write out your idea within the project workbook, to troubleshooting, organizing and running your project, to completing the eagle scout application and all the other expectations and anxieties created by this process.  Any registered adult will be encouraged to attend this seminar if they desire to be an eagle coach.  This seminar will be conducted by the Quinsigamond District’s Advancement Chairman, Rich Martin.


Sat. June 20th. 9AM-12PM at the Tatnuck Post on Mill St. .
This is the LAST can drive till Sept. Lets make it the most SUCCESSFUL yet!!
ALL Scouts are asked to come by at some point to help sort and count donated redeemable bottles and cans.
Wear Class B, Bring Water and a snack.
If any PARENTS can show up at the END we need trucks or vans to transport the cans to the redemption center.
There was a disappointing turn out of Scouts at the last can drive, lets pull together this time and work as a TROOP to get the job done!
To help this can drive be great please PROMOTE it on your social media sites, collect cans from your neighbors and extended family and even from parents work place. Every can counts!
See you all on June 20!!


June 13, 2015 Brownstone Park

161 Brownstone Avenue
Portland, Conn. 06480
(866) 860-0208

Here we go again 37!! Another adventure, and this one will not disappoint!!
*Click here for Brownstone Park website, You will find Everything you need to know about this adventure park. We will be getting the Adventure Sports Day Pass

*Click here for the release waiver for the Park. You must fill out, print and attach to your Troop Permission slip.

**LEAVING Christ the King Sat 6/13 @ 8:30AM so get there a bit early. Returning to CTK that night at 7:30PM

**Wear your bathing suit under your clothes for the ride up, Bring a towel and a dry change of clothes for the ride home.
  1. Eat Breakfast at home.
  2. Bring min $10 for lunch at the Snack Shack (extra $ if you want snacks/drinks thru out the day) or bring a bagged lunch/snacks and drinks.
  3. Bring a bagged dinner and drink for the ride home.
  4. Wear and bring sunscreen.
Deadline for Attached Permission Slip, Payment and Park Waiver is Wed. May 27th.



White Water Rafting…MAY 2ND..DAY TRIP ONLY
DRIVERS ARE NEEDED.  We need at least SIX DRIVERS for this trip. 
If you have not been a driver nor attended an event with the Troop yet this year please step up and volunteer. The Troop CANNOT run with out VOLUNTEERS. I guarantee you will have FUN!!
We have a tentative reservation for a total of 25 people: 20 youth and 5 adults
**DEADLINE 4/29…ALL Participants must complete the attached permission slip and rafting waiver and have payment passed in by the next troop meeting…no exceptions.
 **Participants must be 14 years or older to participate in this activity. 
Date: May 2, 2015; this is a day trip only
Departure from Christ the King: 7am
Return to Christ the King: between 730-830pm
Cost: $60.00 per person (adult or scout)
Drivers: We are going to need drivers
Equipment/ Clothing: NO COTTON! All participants must bring warmer, dryer clothing to change into after the trip.
Food: Breakfast is your own responsibility, lunch is provided during the trip (as part of your rafting fee), dinner will be provided by the Troop
Trip Details: The Zoar Gap is a 1 day rafting trip is a class II & III rapids in a timed water release rapids on the Deerfield River in Western, MA.
The Zoar Outdoor company will provide each participant with a certified PFD (personal flotation device), helmet, paddle and a wetsuit with neoprene booties.  
The Zoar Outdoor company insists that you dress in layers and that no cotton based clothing is to be worn.  They suggest synthetics, wool and fleece type clothing.  
No dry bags can be brought into the raft so all valuables are to be left in the vehicles or left at home.  The trip will return to the original starting location so all the clothing and equipment can be left there and you will also have the ability to use the changing house and a shower (for .25 cents per use) before heading back home.


New Items Added to Troop Calendar

A reminder to check the Troop Calendar for info on Troop Events, Times and other important Details. New Items added…

Can and Bottle Drives:

2/28 Troop Wide 9am-12pm @ Tatnuck Post

4/25 Troop Wide Can and Bottle Drive AND Tatnuck Post Spring Clean Up 9am-12pm @ Tatnuck Post

Beaver Day:

5/15-5/17 @ Treasure Valley…details to follow



TROOP 37 GENERALIZED PARENTAL PERMISSION turkeyGOBBLE GOBBLE! Troop 37 will once again hold it’s annual Turkey Dinner! 10/24 – 10/26
In order to be a bit more tree friendly I am asking that parents to please print out and fill out the attached Permission Slip at home and pass it in on Wednesday with payment at the Troop meeting. 
We are asking families to bring a dessert to share with our guests. 
The patrols be responsible for planning/shopping/bringing food for their meals (2 breakfasts and 1 lunch) They will also need to plan/shop for their own dessert for the cook off contest on Saturday night (who brings what will be decided by the patrols at the Troop meetings so please ask your scout what he needs to shop for.)
Turkey Dinner will be provided by the Troop Leaders.YUM-O!
All deets are on the permission slip as far as drop off/pick up.
  • The dinner is in the West Lodge. After passing thru the main gate you come down the main road approaching the Magee Center, you bear RIGHT on the dirt road and follow it for almost 2 miles, driving over the bridge and up the hill to the main parking area and then follow the lighted path to the West Lodge. We can have a sign at the Magee with an arrow pointing the way with a big TR37 on it.  Since this is the weekend of the Spook-o-ree traffic is going to be heavy.
Families can arrive around 5PM dinner will be served at 5:30pm. 
The cost is $25 per Scout with an additional $5 per each family member, there will be a max cost of $20 per family (a fam of 4 or more will only be charged a max of $20).
PLEASE NOTE SPACE IS TIGHT AT THE LODGE SO WE ASK THAT IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY  ATTEND THIS DINNER. We do not want to leave anyone out but we barely fit everyone last year and this year we have an even bigger Troop! 
Thank you for understanding. 

ANY Questions please let us know.


Here we go again! Off on another adventure!!

Attached is all of the info you need to go on the Kayak Boston Harbor Camp Out. Please read it thoroughly as there is important info re: water and gear requirements.

Notice we are leaving Saturday morning so please arrive at CTK at 6:30AM, we will return Sunday mid afternoon.
We can only take 16 Scouts on this trip due to Kayak availability. If you have one you can lend to the troop with a PFD and paddle please inform Mr. Root immediately.
No age or rank requirement, open to ALL Scouts, but you must have taken and passed the required swim test previously with Mr. Palatucci in order to attend this trip.
Permission slips must be printed out, filled out with $35 and passed in on WEDNESDAY night at the Troop meeting.  Kayakers Info    Island Facts    TROOP 37 GENERALIZED PARENTAL PERMISSION kayak trip