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UPDATE (1/20/2012): Wear this patch in the temporary patch position — on the right pocket.

Guys join Scouting to experience the outdoors. It’s that simple.

To recognize that passion for adventure, the BSA announces its new National Outdoor AwardsAs we told you last year, the awards are available to Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts who meet specific requirements in one of five subject areas: camping, hiking, aquatics, riding, and adventure.

There are two levels of the award. Boys can start with the National Outdoor Badges, seen at left. These are earned by boys who demonstrate “that they are knowledgeable, safe, and comfortable in the outdoor activity covered by the badge.”

Each segment is earned by completing the First Class rank, earning relevant merit badges, and accumulating experience—nights of camping, miles of hiking, hours of swimming, etc.

Once they earn a segment, boys can go the extra mile (in some cases literally) and shoot for gold or silver devices, available for spending extra time on a particular activity.

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