Brownsea Island (BSI)


Brownsea Island (BSI) is a program for 1st year campers where they spend half of each day working on some of the harder requirements in Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class ranks as well as visit and learn more about program areas that they may want to participate in when they are older Scouts.

When Scoutmasters attend the pre-camp meeting (each Monday at 7:00 pm one week prior to your scheduled camp week) they should report how many first year campers will be participating in the BSI program for their week. Those campers will be assigned to either a morning or afternoon BSI session and will still have a half of day for merit badge sessions!

Requirements that will be covered are:

Tenderfoot4.aDemonstrate how to whip and fuse the ends of a rope.
4.cUsing the EDGE method, teach another person how to tie the square knot
6Demonstrate how to raise, lower, and fold the American Flag
2nd Class1.a.Show how a compass works, how to orient a map
3.c.Demonstrate proper care of axe, saw, knife
3.dPrepare tinder, kindling, and fuel for a cooking fire
3.f.Cooking fire vs. lightweight stoves, safety
8.a.Safe Swimming Techniques
8.b.Ability to swim in water over one’s head
8.c.Water rescue methods
1st Class2.Participate in an orienteering course using a map + compass, measuring heights/widths of selected items
6.Show evidence of at least 10 kinds of native plants
7.aDiscuss when you should and should not use lashings. Then demonstrate tying the timber hitch and clove hitch.
Square Lashing
 Sheer Lashing
Diagonal Lashing
7.bUse lashing to make a useful camp gadget.
8.c.Transport from a smoke-filled room w/ a sprained ankle
9.bLine and tender rescue